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NBA throwback jerseys are basically taking over the sports fashion world. An NBA Throwback Jersey is a jersey that is no longer worn by the team, or that was worn – but for one time only. Most retro jerseys are made from the 60’s and 70’s NBA decades. The jerseys seen from the 80’s are more dedicated to the players, and not so much the teams. At one time, the jerseys were only made to display a certain team, with the original logo. Now, jerseys range from certain players on different teams, to teams displaying colors that they never came in. For instance, you can go and get a Magic Johnson jersey, with a Denver Nuggets logo that comes in black and green.

These NBA Throwback Jerseys were also hard to find, and harder to afford! Once, only able to be seen and bought at Sports Memorabilia stores, these jerseys can be bought at any mall or any sporting good store across the nation. A throwback jersey, of any player, ten years ago would have cost you well over $500. Now, you can find them at any local retail store, or even bid online for them, for a lot cheaper.

NBA Throwback Jerseys are worn by people of every age, in any country at any event across the world. From kids in school, teenagers at games, adults on the weekends, celebrities at award shows – all the way to athletes wearing the jerseys of players before them, it seems like everyone is wearing an NBA Retro Jersey, or a "throwback".

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