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You might want to wear your Detroit Pistons NBA jerseys everywhere: whether you're walking down the street, where you might meet fellow fans and exchange an understanding glance of your shared fandom; going to school, where all your friends are fans too; to bed, where you hope to dream of going to a live game; and to a live game, where you hope your team will win. Having a jersey can really make you the best and biggest fan, so you can't blame all the fans who search out Detroit Pistons gear day in and day out.

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Learn more about the Pistons:

Ready to show off your Detroit Pistons jerseys? Then take a whiff of some team history first. The Detroit Pistons make their home in Auburn Hills, Michigan, where they play at the Palace of Auburn Hills. They might make their home north today, but they were originally based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where they were first known as the Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons, a team that played under the National Basketball League. The Pistons were first formed in 1941. They then became part of the NBA in 1948, before moved up to Detroit in 1957.

Auburn Hills is an economic center which, in addition to housing the Pistons, is also home to Chrysler and the Chrysler museum. It's a mixture of rural Michigan with a state that is fast growing into an economic capital. So if you're around the area, make sure to take a tour of Lake Michigan, and still walk through the busy downtown.

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